Frequently Asked Questions


Data tracking and storage

Yes, every form of communication is done through secure protocols (SSL).
No absolutely not. Neither we or somebody else can see/read your messages. All goes through your own private channels
No, we do not store data, nor do we track events. We only transfer data. If you want to keep your data it should be in your application logic.

The cool technology

Currently we have servers in Europe and Canada. We are still growing and will be expanding to other continents. You can set your server location preference in your profile.
A good magician never reveals his tricks. But since we are not magicians we love to show off! We run multi threaded, clustered servers optimized for network traffic. We can handle 1Gbps traffic easily.
That would be awesome! We love all the realtime applications, big or small.
Socket.IO is a great tool for building awesome applications BUT it requires a (dedicated) server setup. Which means also maintenance, keeping track of dependencies/security, and 1001 modules for NodeJS. PushJS is copy and paste and you are ready to go no matter the project you are working on. There is no dependency other than a browser.